About The Author


K is a working cog in a global machine.


In her mid-twenties, she has had her heart broken multiple times (often by the people she’s cared about the most), yet still manages to soldier on with a smile on her face.



Her hits include: Why Did Dad Leave? (#1 for 78 consecutive weeks, 1996 – 97), He Cheated On Me (#3 for 8 straight weeks, 2008 – 09), He Cheated – Remix ft. Other Woman (# 7 for 2 weeks, 2008 – 09 & a revival run at #5 for 4 weeks in 2011) and Promotion (#1 for 3 weeks, 2017).



She is a certified water-burner who dreams of someday learning how to cook without committing property damage, a Potter-head who swears that J.K Rowling should have made a Harmony (Harry/Hermione) oriented epilogue and a champion aisle-wanderer.



Questions? Email me at: themovingonchronicles@gmail.com 🙂