July 23, 2017 2:00 PM


(No, I’m not dead…yet.)

Apart from nursing a broken heart and a bruised ego, I’ve been recuperating from a nasty bout of the flu.

The cocktail mix of medication I took fast-tracked my recovery because I knew what I needed to target.

Note: Do not attempt to self-medicate unless you are a medical professional — I have an RN license but don’t diagnose or prescribe stuff to anyone (except myself and ONLY because I know my symptoms; I would have gone to a doctor if I had something weird, like oozing pus.)


I found a draft of something I wrote back on Thursday (20th), but it was all gibberish, so I’m assuming that my febrile musings were a little on the surreal side.


A little medication and a lot of rest later, and I am 80% back to my old self.


My unenthusiastic self can’t wait to go back to work tomorrow.

At the very least, I am no longer snot-nosed and contagious; with the vestiges of a once lung-shaking cough, I can return to being an overworked yet underpaid cog.



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